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Monday, 29 July 2013

Flashing lights

Entering my last week in Istanbul before flying to Izmir, I thought I should share what I have been capturing on instagram here. 

This city is so exciting with plenty to do. I have enjoyed my internship so far but waking up at 6am to get to work at 9am at the opposite end of the Bosphorus is not the one.

Istanbul is sure the best to have fun, sight see, blow bunch of cash but not the one to work and earn. It is a tiring city.

Already looking forward to going to the beach once I am in my home town.

The view from my apartment

 The home of the famous Turkish meatballs

The sunset in Kadıkoy
Walking down from Cihangir (my fave part of İstanbul) 

The fishermen's boats in Kadıkoy

The historical Galata Tower

Architectural model of the complex 

The traffic at 1am. Seriously people go to sleep?

One of the best views in Istanbul is in Ortakoy

'There is life on the streets'

Kanyon for luxury shopping

 Bridging two continents

The historical peninsula with the Topkapı Palaca and the Hagia Sophia

The installation at Istanbul Modern Museum

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