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Friday, 9 November 2012

Long time no see.

Hey everyone :) I have been so busy with university work... the curse of an architecture student.... and completely forgot the fact that I even had a blog. I also went through a phase where I absolutely forgot my username and password (I know it's quite bad). I am now back on the game through and have a lot of updates! The past month I got elected as the school representative of Kent School of Architecture, elected the events manager of the Turkish Soc, finally paid my sail and windaurf membership and organize my life via the very useful Palgrave student agenda. There is quite a lot going for me this month as it is THE month before the final design crit. I must say I am a fan of this year's project of designing a wellness center. Oh how much I would love to be in one right now! On the 29th, the new Crit space is opening next to the Marlowe and I received the most stylish invitation yesterday. I cannot wait to be one of the select few to be at the opening. I will start posting more about the work I am doing at school, finally have a post about my new flat and keep you up to date about my London adventures. As I am writing this I am going to a seminar at the V&A about architecture :) Also hoping to have bought west end tickets today for the first Sunday of the reading week coming up! Phantom of the Opera here I come :)

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