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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Let the winter break begin!

Sometimes there are people you feel very strongly about; whether this may be intense hatred toward some of them, pure love or intrigue, lust, passion... Sometimes there are objects you feel very attached to; the kind that might not have any physical value but mean a lot more than that diamond necklace you've been eyeballing. Pieces of paper haphazardly ripped from an old notebook with a note from a loved one, a plastic toy that probably came with one of them cheap kid magazines, a book you read in class and you still keep (not because the book was particularly intriguing but because the class you read the book in was just incredible!). I can go on and on. Then sometimes there are places. A country, a county, town, city, village....

I have done so on many occasions, but this is yet another post about how much I love IZMIR. I will always love my family and secondly I will always love this city. Why? Because the people are kind. Why? Because the scenery is just perfect, you have the right balance of the coast, mountains and palm trees. Why? Because it is the only true place I will call home. It is the only place I am always excited to go back to and stay. Forever. 

Being back here once again for a beautiful holiday season feels incredible! 2013 has been a great year and as we are getting close to 2014 I want to rediscover why I love Izmir so much besides the obvious few reasons I have stated. In the next 5 days I have set myself a task of walking the city and show you why this city makes me love her more and more every day, minute, second. I want to take you on a journey. Fasten your seat belts, it will be a bumpy but a pleasant ride.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

This week in Instagram

As I am about to start yet another lovely day of traveling let's take a look at the past week shall we?
I had my final crit for a design module and you can only imagine the post-crit relief with holidays just being around the corner.
The lovely finish to the week was an early bday celebration with all my lovely friends. The cake though. 
As I am writing this post I'm on a shuttle bus to Gatwick North terminal. I am very excited for this journey.
May everyone's day be glorious today and every day!

Almost there

That feeling of being so close to home, yet so far away?

Flashing lights are gonna be soon everywhere.

In the meantime, Merry Xmas and a Happy New year to all my friends out there!