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Monday, 26 November 2012

Roof design update

The roof design is coming along! Simplified it quite a bit to a regular two way spanning triangular trust... however I didn't really like this design as it was a bit too simple. So I am sticking with the geodesic dome idea. Below are some of my working models leading to my final idea.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Bit of architecture here and there.

This term I am bombarded with so much design work. In my seminar as I am blogging this (prob should pay attention...) but I am not, so here is my design... it's going to be a funky mix of a geodesic dome and two overlapping forms. Structures really do excite me, when I get them that is.

Kind of excited to model the final structure but at the same time scared it's going to take me ages. Yeah it probably will. Challenge accepted. :) 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Famous on the highstreet

This month, two of the most anticipated designer-highstreet collab collections have been launched. November 15, the day I've been saving in my agenda for ages since before summer, MMM once again wowed everyone with their unusual, rather surrealist designs for H&M ranging from chain (quite literal) necklaces, neon candy wrap clutches to baggy trousers and structured blazers. 

The candy wrap clutches came in silver and hot pink, I really wanted to get the hot pink one... however by the time I made my way to the online store they were all sold out. :( 

One thing MMM does really well is play with proportions. They are not afraid to take basic items of clothing and extrude, shrink or layer it in unexpected ways. My personal favorite is this oversized 'boyfriend' blazer coat that is also reminiscent of one of this season's hit pieces, 'the cape'. 

Their designs are definitely not for the faint-hearted. You need to a real fashionista to pull these off. 

We all know Mr. West over here is a big fan of the designs of MMM. So much that during a recent wardrobe re-vamp, he encouraged Mrs. West-to-be to wear more daring designs - MMM anyone? 

Anddd... Of course I was going to get something from the collection, mainly because I've been missing out on the past collabs with Lanvin, Versace, Marni and the recent Anna del Russo accessories collection. But... my main reason is actually to say 'What's that jacket, Margiela?' every time Niggas In Paris comes on. True Story. 

Speaking of Mrs. West-to-be, this month The Kardashian Kollection hit Dorothy Perkins across the UK. Ironically, their design aesthetic is the exact opposite of MMM. Think leopard, zebra, monochrome, purple, gold, silver, bling, faux leather, black...

Definitely suits these ladies to glam up. 

The collection is said to be 'heavenly' for girls and women with curves... Don't get your hopes up too high though, haven't heard of anyone who looked like Kim in that dress yet. If you want to get a piece from the collection, do try most of the pieces, even those you think you won't look 'good' in. Also remember, these ladies wear full length spanx underneath the bodycon dresses even though they spend hours working out... The word has it they have very flattering jeans if all else fails. 

I am a fan of the blazer Kourtney is rocking with the faux leather leggings. I will be purchasing it soon :)

So this month's challenge then becomes... Can you create a look mixing MMM and Kardashian Kollection? I might actually give that a go ;)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Things I want to do.

I'm sure you have one of these lists... not a boring 'to do' list of tasks imposed on you but your ideal one with all the coolest things possible in it. I have a lot of things I want to do. I sometimes wish every day had more hours, months longer and the year 720days.

As much as I love spending money on material things, lately I've discovered the joy of enriching experiences. Being with good company, traveling, seeing art (performing) listening to sounds and getting to know myself more closely through what I enjoy.

Traveling mainly has become one of my favorites. Getting to know a place. Discovering. Meeting new people in a strange place. Maybe it's the right thing at the wrong time?

This brings me to my discussion of what is ahead of me... winter break to be spent in Holland, Turkey and following that a trip to Austria end of February. I cannot wait.

Being in Istanbul after 2 years should be quite interesting. That city has something I can't quite put my fingers on. Hoping very dearly that with the Turkish Soc we can make this a successfull trip.

Everyone should always have something to look forward to. What's a life without that?

Friday getaway

I don't have anything in my schedule for Fridays... Although I am expected to put hours and hours of work into my studies, I decided to get away. Escaped reality for a day.

Ironically within this escape of work I found myself at an architecture seminar at the Victoria and Albert museum. Lasting from 13:30 until 16:30, I was actually inspired and moved every minute of it. It was all because I was in London - different atmosphere, enchanting vibe. Director of Arup talking about the White City project; their collab with Rem Koolhaus - one word - spectacular. All other speakers, knowledgeable and interesting.

Oxford and Regent street more vibrant than ever with the early Christmas lights. Perhaps the most beautiful form of light pollution. People leaving work, tourists snapping photos, women on the prawl for the 'it' dress, hipsters at Carnaby Street...

The pop up store at Carnaby was of particular interest. Environmental activists all together. Costumes, tshirts on sale to raise funds and awareness. Not to mention the yummy treats they had. It was a lovely opening. Make sure to check it out!

The train ride was tipsy. Giggles and rubbish talk. Rose had taken over. Dinner at Ozer was all worth it though, Ali nazik and kunefe... What more would a girl want?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A sneak peak

Had one of the best days in London yet... stay tuned for what went down! A few taster images are below for you :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Long time no see.

Hey everyone :) I have been so busy with university work... the curse of an architecture student.... and completely forgot the fact that I even had a blog. I also went through a phase where I absolutely forgot my username and password (I know it's quite bad). I am now back on the game through and have a lot of updates! The past month I got elected as the school representative of Kent School of Architecture, elected the events manager of the Turkish Soc, finally paid my sail and windaurf membership and organize my life via the very useful Palgrave student agenda. There is quite a lot going for me this month as it is THE month before the final design crit. I must say I am a fan of this year's project of designing a wellness center. Oh how much I would love to be in one right now! On the 29th, the new Crit space is opening next to the Marlowe and I received the most stylish invitation yesterday. I cannot wait to be one of the select few to be at the opening. I will start posting more about the work I am doing at school, finally have a post about my new flat and keep you up to date about my London adventures. As I am writing this I am going to a seminar at the V&A about architecture :) Also hoping to have bought west end tickets today for the first Sunday of the reading week coming up! Phantom of the Opera here I come :)