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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Things I keep learning over and over again...

Okay here we go. We continue.

12. Scrap everything I have said about the traffic. It is spectaclar if you have your own private helicopter and you manage to land on top of one of them sky scrapers (the ones that TOTALLY fit with the generic silhouette of the city)

13. Irony - Europe's biggest palace of justice is just a few stops away from where I work. Justice? Turkey? hmm.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Things I learnt about Istanbul

1. Do not live and work on the different continents. You may one day end up in a very bad car accident due to lack of sleep...
2. ... and due to the awful traffic. Seriously who gives out the licenses?
3. Avoid public transportation as much as possible. Oh wait. You cant. Its sadly the fastest way (but also sweaty, sticky,  full of fighting)
4. People are so loud on their phones. YES YOUR MOM CAN HEAR YOU.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Flashing lights

Entering my last week in Istanbul before flying to Izmir, I thought I should share what I have been capturing on instagram here. 

This city is so exciting with plenty to do. I have enjoyed my internship so far but waking up at 6am to get to work at 9am at the opposite end of the Bosphorus is not the one.

Istanbul is sure the best to have fun, sight see, blow bunch of cash but not the one to work and earn. It is a tiring city.

Already looking forward to going to the beach once I am in my home town.

The view from my apartment

Friday, 12 July 2013

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

No there wasn't a charming Juan Antonio with a psychotic wife... There wasn't two American tourists both madly in love with him. There was though passion and the summer heat (although often quite chilly at night). Barcelona really is a city with a lot of character.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Costa Brava

Ola amigos!

Part of my Spanish adventures from 29 June until 6 July documented below.  Overall a lovely trip with the BIG three; sun, shopping and sightseeing.

It all started when we had to go to Schiphol airport at midnight to catch out 4:35am flight. The lack of sleep really isn't the one for me, but the idea of going to an exotic destination somehow managed to keep me less grumpy. 

After a really quick trip of about 90 minutes we arrived at the Girona airport. The first thing we all needed was a long sleep at the hotel which was an hour away from the airport in Pineda del Mar, Costa Brava. Honestly there is nothing like having enough sleep!

Quickly went down to the beach and the pool in the late afternoon. Luckily the other days I made better use of the sun :)

Later in the week we went to an Aquapark - it had water slides but also animal parks. The highlight was the Dolphin show. They were all just adorable! 

Cabin crew ready for landing. Early sun rise in Girona :)