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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Things I keep learning over and over again...

Okay here we go. We continue.

12. Scrap everything I have said about the traffic. It is spectaclar if you have your own private helicopter and you manage to land on top of one of them sky scrapers (the ones that TOTALLY fit with the generic silhouette of the city)

13. Irony - Europe's biggest palace of justice is just a few stops away from where I work. Justice? Turkey? hmm.

14. There is a Florence Nightingale hospital. I swear I thought she was British or something...

15. If there is a non-smoking sign, everyone including the police smoke there. No one cares.

16. ... If out of the blue they feel like charging the non-smoking fine to someone, you bet the police will keep it (to buy more cigarrettes of course)

17. Appearantly the Turks are now politically split into two camps. I am sorry who are you to say such a vague and incorrect statement mr.?

18. Political views go hand in hand with how you live and where you work.

19. There is minimmum freedom of speech.

20. Many people have yet to establish their own identity. Sadly.

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