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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hello from Wien!

Hello hello from the cutest cupcake store ever! Not only is it cute but totally functional thanks to free WiFi.

I just had homemade blueberry cupcake with chocolate base. It was so yummy that I think I will always compare my cupcakes to this one. Bakeries need to step up their game!
And no... I didnt come to Vienna just to have homemade cupcakes! Totally a coincidence on my way to the Freud museum. I am very looking forward to this visit.
Last 4 hours left in Vienna and what is a better way to spend it than see one of the key figures of psychoanalysis?

The house has been recently refurbished so this might even help me with the current adapt and extend project.

I have so much to tell but off to the museum now! x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The ASN Conference @ Building Center London

Before the ASN Conference for architecture students I walked around Regent Street and wondered around Carnaby Street. Didn't realize this until now, but the Heart magazines headquarters are actually located in Carnaby!! :) 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Its the day

You know 14th of February should be taken very seriously if Miss Anti-Valentine herself is posting this picture ....

.... and wishes you a very great, love filled day with lots of hugs and kisses! 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone :D

There is no remedy for love but to love more.
- Thoreau

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

.for door frothy shore.


Where had I heard this wind before
Change like this to a deeper roar?
What would it take my standing there for,
Holding open a restive door,
Looking down hill to a frothy shore?
Summer was past and the day was past.
Sombre clouds in the west were massed.
Out on the porch's sagging floor,
Leaves got up in a coil and hissed,
Blindly striking at my knee and missed.
Something sinister in the tone
Told me my secret my be known:
Word I was in the house alone
Somehow must have gotten abroad,
Word I was in my life alone,
Word I had no one left but God. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Tired of London? Tired of life.

Adventure started in Green Park by the Ritz Hotel where the luxury meets elegance; yes I am talking about diamonds and champagne. A little down the road is a haven of designer brands from McQueen to Chanel, from Cartier to Tiffany & Co. There is more to London than this life though. In fact there is more to life than material possessions. I am becoming more fan of experiences and memories; the intangible. Now this is worth a billion sparkling diamonds. 

Before heading down to Tate Modern, I was amazed by a little glimpse of sun! I could not help but photograph this and what better way to show the contrast than black and white photography? Sometimes in order to see the color, you have to opt for monochrome. 

Green Park

Quite ironic, but just for my liking 'Man Ray In Paris' (by Erin. C. Garcia) was on sale at the Tate Modern bookstore. Man Ray is an American artist who discovered the beauty of France and spent the 1920s and 30s there. Result? Some of the most beautiful monochrome photography out there. 

Along with this I purchased a few architecture books, a belated 2013 Damien Hirst calender (should have gone to his exhibition... I regret not going so much) and a Picasso magnet. 

I had quite a long and adventurous day! Best way to discover a city? Walking. Indeed walking was what I had done. 

Interior of Tate Modern <> the construction of the extension is still going on to be completed in 2015 

I may have spent a good 2 hours inside the bookstore.

St. Paul's Cathedral is so beautiful. <> Neoclassic architecture <>

The Shard as the newest addition to the London skyline, replacing everything else there was as the tallest building. 

The colors were just so beautiful

Uncle Norman Foster ladies and gentleman 

Tower Bridge 


Walked from the Tate alongside the river and crossed Tower Bridge, walked some more... Got lost, met strangers, refused to ask for directions... Finally took a bus and ended up at Piccadilly Circus. Walked a bit on Regent Street - then gave up. Although I did not want to leave, it was time to head back to Canterbury. 

I hope everyone's one wish comes true this week! I know what mine is. Keep in touch :) 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Once upon a time in Brussels

Right before heading back to Canterbury for the second term we stayed in Brussels with my family. This is mainly due to the fact that it is easier for me to take the Eurostar to Ashford from Brussels Midi - however this doesn't mean I don't like to be here. These two days really felt like a mini vacation on their own and possibly the most relaxing two days I have had over the entire break. 

Too much chocolate everywhere

- Ten Ten, Tin Tin, Kuifje -

Manneken Pis - all Christmas dressed up :)

Not going to lie, I had trouble finishing this although usually I am more than happy to stuff my face with everything that has remote traces of sugar in it. 

....My dad thought this elephant was made out of chocolate... It wasn't. 

Play of light

Sadly as it was close to coming back to university, I was working on my essay in the hotel just a couple of hours before departing. 

The view outside the window was priceless and so inspirational.