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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Home away from home^squared

Interesting post title I know but I couldn't describe it any other way. You see I've lived in Turkey for half my life, then in the Netherlands. So Canterbury is technically my 3rd home...

A bit overdue but here are the photos of my apartment in Canterbury :)

My Bedroom

Architecture things

A lot of shoes

Living Room/ Kitchen

My fave corner 

Tried to keep it minimalistic but also true to my design aesthetic. Beige and reds are dominant - currently the color combination I am obsessing about. Seriously setting up a home studio for this coming term so I can make the most of it <3 Home sweet home. 

Mucho love,
Gulce x 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

To the other side and back

Today was a great day. By great I mean very active and packed. Can't remember the last time I walked this much! I am so tired now but cannot describe how reviving this walk in Izmir city center was. Got off at Alsancak with the ferryboat. Chose to sit outside both journeys to enjoy the fresh sea breeze (but I am sure to get ill from this 'yolo' moment soon).

Those who don't know Izmir has two 'sides', but unlike Istanbul these sides aren't different continents. You can travel between each side via the ferry, taxi, bus, metro, car...  My favorite form of transportation is the ferry :)

And no. Izmir isn't a village. 3rd biggest city in Turkey.

Alright, enough with geography... so here is a glimpse of my day. 

It was a rather cloudy and rainy day.

I decided I want the car in the middle. 

These shoes have been to so many countries... 

Doesn't matter if it's sunny or cloudy you are sure to find seagulls downtown. 

I also want them. All three of them. 

I had just missed the ferry so I spent half an hour walking around watching people hurry as the rain started to fall. What do I do? Nothing. Was too lazy to get my umbrella out. (clearly keen with the camera though)

As much as I love them, these shoes are not for the rain. 

Vakko all decorated for the holiday season.

'Leisurely (Like Traveling) Life' journal - to be purchased.

Inspired by the graphic look of Kenzo and the oriental motifs of many designers this season I purchased  a beautiful sweater from Twist. Twist is one of my favorite Turkish brands. Everything is now 50% on sale if anyone is interested :) 

Saying goodbye on the return to home... only to be back tomorrow bright and early :) Cannot wait! 

Mucho love 
I hope regardless of location you are making the most of your holiday :D 

Gulce x 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Wishing upon a wishlist.

As we are putting another year behind us, it is time to take advantage of these next two weeks ahead and get all the gift shopping done. This time of the year is quite calming (although I am bombarded with assignments and looking at new CAD classes) with decorations, yummy food, smells of vanilla and cinnamon... Although I have more of a summer spirit and practically live for any glimpse of sun, January holds a special place in my heart as the beginning of the month marks my birthday :) Going to be a big girl when January 1st comes, 20 years of age. No longer a teenager... but I am going to call myself 20teen anyway! 

So rest of this post is one of those 'wishlists', if I had an unlimited budget all these would be purchased! 

The Animal Prints

I absolutely adore this season's Burberry Prorsum collection. Would not mind if you get me all of these looks :) The real winners are the bow belts and the animal printed tees. 

These t-shirts can be dressed up or down, which is why I love them so much. For the lazy days they are perfect for on top of jeans or sweats, but also quirky and unexpected above a squined skirt and a statement necklace. 

This Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt really brings something edgy to the table. 

Usually not a follower of what Kenzo does, but this season's graphic and colorful collection really caught my attention. These vibrant colors and graphic prints are sure to warm up any cold night.

Karlie Kloss is looking beautiful in the Autumn-Winter '12-'13 lookbook of Stefanel (one of my all time favorite Italian brands). I was at the store yesterday and really loved this eagle printed sweater. I also saw a Burberry-look-alike animal t-shirt to purchase soon :)

The Russian Glamour
Basically anything with lace, gold and pearls a-la Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain. 

It's all about the beaded headband and the statement earrings


Wedged Sneakers
Don't judge... I am short and love to wear sneakers. 

I am all about the colors. 

The black and white is also very polished. 

The New 'It' Bags
These beauties are the new arm candies. 

Proenza Schouler - an improved Mulberry 

3.1 Phillip Lim - basically an upgrade from the Celine bag. I am so into structured bags. 

Beyond these rather materialistic desires I also wouldn't mind tickets to destinations like New York or Los Angeles. After all traveling is a great passion of mine. 

Although I seem to want it all, this winter I am going to do my best to better take care of my money. Planning to only buy a few of the things I really want. It is going to be tough with sale around everywhere... but this is a challenge accepted! In the meantime if any of you want to treat me with any of the above items, feel free ;) 

Mucho love,

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Opening of the new Marlowe crit extension

Today was the ribbon cutting for our new digital crit space! From 17:00 until 19:00 we were all (faculty members across the entire university ranging from directors to tutors) present at this event. Good architectrural talk, good canapes, including my favorite macaroons! Not ashnamed to say I had 3 of them. They also had a selection of fancy drinks. The way the guests were treated was definitely suited to the new look of this building- sophisticated.
Although at first the extension has quite an imposing and 'out-of-place' facade, after having seen the function of the mobile interior walls, I appreciate how the form complements the function.
Now you are curious what this facade I am even talking about is... It is a series of small square panels that are metallic (as result shiny on the surface) that cover the southern facade to provide protection from direct sunlight. They are also there for an aesthetic reason when the windows are opened. I am not even going to mention ventilation.
Why was I turned off at first? Because with wind they move and a lot of them get stuck... but now I understand this is the desired effect. Sometimes you have to take the risk. In that aspect the extension goes along well with the School of the Arts building. Risk takers seem to lead the way forward in architecture anyway...
Don't judge this piece of architecture by its cover though... inside it is amazing. High-tech. Very high tech. We have 70" massive touch screens (imagine a giant ipad). And we don't have one, 8 to be precise. The walls can be moved so they become places to hang drawings and other presentation works. The main idea is to have completely digital crits with no need to do printing in the near future. We will be the test runners of how this will work on 13 December. Save the date.
So much work to do and put together before then. Will not have time to blog until after the next two weeks of intense work! Don't miss me too much :)