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Friday, 12 July 2013

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

No there wasn't a charming Juan Antonio with a psychotic wife... There wasn't two American tourists both madly in love with him. There was though passion and the summer heat (although often quite chilly at night). Barcelona really is a city with a lot of character.


The modernism period has immensely benefitted the city from organization to its architecture. World famous Gaudi's Casa Batillo, the yet-to-be-completed Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, among many other whimsy buildings are worth seeing. His style, derived from his youth, seeks the beauty of nature and inevitably reflects this in architecture.

Somethings needn't be explained but experienced

To be continued until 2026

Studying architecture, cannot recall how many times I came across the photos of his buildings but seeing them in flesh is a whole other experience. The Sagrada is really something special. It is so magical outside and inside. I would go back to the city, just to see it again. 

Where words finish. Camp Nou.

The pool is mine

The sea is mine

The car isn't mine though - we rented it ;)

Road trip to Villa Roca

Quite a bit of shopping was done

Gaudi's Greatest

And this was the Spanish adventure! On to the next one next week :)

Coming back to Holland from this refreshing vacation was both happy and sad. Happy because I was lucky to have seen the beautiful Barcelona and Costa Brava, sad because I would be missing the sun. Just for my luck for a week after coming back the sun arrived in Holland too! 

Now that the weather is slowly turning around again, it is about time I get myself back to where the summer days are the hottest, nights even hotter and architecture beautifully twisted and chaotic - to Istanbul. With my internship starting on Monday I might not have the time to blog unfortunately, but will more than make up for it when I am back! :)

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