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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Things I learnt about Istanbul

1. Do not live and work on the different continents. You may one day end up in a very bad car accident due to lack of sleep...
2. ... and due to the awful traffic. Seriously who gives out the licenses?
3. Avoid public transportation as much as possible. Oh wait. You cant. Its sadly the fastest way (but also sweaty, sticky,  full of fighting)
4. People are so loud on their phones. YES YOUR MOM CAN HEAR YOU.

5. Istanbul is nice but without the Bosphorus it would be nothing but an ordinary village.
6. You cant find a single actual being from original Istanbul. Everyone is from elsewhere in Turkey.
7. You cant get in a taxi without being friends with the taxi driver at the end of your journey.
8. The non historical parts are uglier than they look on photos by FAR.
9. There is still police in Taksim and Gezi Park. There are still water canons waiting in case of an event.
10. The food is so good and cheap compared to the UK.
11. You can't wear anything shorter than a hijab without men staring at you like they are going to eat you in a dark alley.
12. ... the more you give angry looks at them the more turned on they get.
To be continued....

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