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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Summery Throwback Post :)

Goodbye Summer, See you soon ! ☀️☀️☀️

As we are slowly saying goodbye to summer 2015 (as much as I would like to never say this, time moves on) now is a good time for a throwback to some of my highlights from one of the most incredible summers of all times. 

This summer a lot of things were different. I have taken on what I believe was an adventure in Istanbul for two months and of course home town Izmir, no words to describe you. As cheesy as I am sounding now, sometimes you should be open to the challenges and obstacles life throws at you. This summer, I faced challenges that I believe had a positive impact on the person I am becoming. 

I met people who have the aspiration to become TV personas, I have met incredible teachers in the field of acting, television and theater. I met a guy who was in Istanbul for his mom's health issues who was in search for creating a world as one country - no boundaries. I have met a talented group of people who are short film makers. I have walked as much of Istanbul as I can. I sang along the Bosphorus. I ran along the Bosphorus. I fell in love with Istanbul for the first, and last time. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

All of the lights.

Night time photos from the Dubai trip around the Jumeirah Beach Walk area.


Dubai Jumeirah Plaji etrafinda cekilen gece fotograflari.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Plenty of creative content

So as some of you may know I am an aspiring architect, also a keen photographer on the side. I have finally had a go at making a portfolio of my photography work since 2013 (the year I have managed to get better at taking photos one could say!)

I would like to share with you the result of how the portfolio turned out. Simply click here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed taking the photos at the time and while making the portfolio!


Also, as an aspiring architect I have some design work also available online. To view some of my designs click here.

I hope you enjoy the architecture work as well!

Let me know in the comments below what you think :)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

All purple everything.

Hello Hello!

I probably had one of the best breaks for a long time spending a lovely week in Dubai town. The sole purpose of going to Dubai was to get some sun, sand and sea (which we got plenty of, almost to a degree of a sunstroke), and of course to see an Arabic culture.

The photos here are from around the Jumeirah Beach area and the Dubai Marina in case you are wondering :) Pictures say a thousand words so I'll leave you to them. Hope you enjoy!


Herkese Selamlar!

Yasagidim en guzel bahar tatillerinden birini bu sene Dubai'ye giderek degerlendirdim. Gitmemizin asil nedeni biraz kum, gunes ve denizdi (ve bol bol gunesi aldik, hem de nerdeyse gunes carpmasi derecesine kadar), ve tabi ki Arap kulturunu biraz daha yakindan tanimak da fena olmadi.

Cektigim fotograflar Jumeirah Plaji ve Dubai Marina cevrelerinde cekildi, eger merak ediyorsaniz. Fotograflar kelimerden daha cok sey anlatir, o zaman sizi onlarla bas basa birakiyorum. Umarim begenirsiniz!

Everything looks better in pinky dust and purple, anyone else agree?
Wishing everyone a purple magical weekend!


Pembe olunca hersey daha guzel gorunuyor, degil mi?
Herkese cok guzel, toz pembe bir haftasonu dilegiyle!

Coming Up: More of Dubai to see & D3 Event.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015

As we are saying hello to a New Year of course there are new dreams, hopes, ambitions and wishes. It is important that thought is given into what you really want to accomplish with your precious days. Make wishes, choose wisely and most importantly do something to achieve what you want from life. It is your life, your journey. As cliche as it is, a new chapter in your book of 'My life is awesome' has begun so take time and care into writing it!


Don't wait for things to happen. Take the initiative to make them happen!


Write down what you want to accomplish to make your goals concrete!


Consistently evaluate your goals and set new ones!


Ready, set & go! :)

Enjoy these lovely set of photos from the Greek Island of Kios, one of my favorites. I hope the photos bring you good energy just as I was enjoying every single minute of capturing them.