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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Istanbul Getaway Part I

My 3 day adventure in Istanbul - a lot of flying, walking around, discovering places and the unforgettable 10 hour bus journey back to Izmir. The main reason of the trip was the Istanbul Reception organized by the University of Kent. The Bosphorus tour was just beautiful! I would have never thought to be on a yacht cruising this beautiful strait!

I took the metro to the Adnan Menders Airport on the 20th of June. The new Domestic terminal is under construction which meant a very busy International terminal. I am super panicky so I left home super early, and caught a very early plane to Istanbul Ataturk Airport. 

My friend and I were very amazed at how beautiful the interior of the hotel was! Fit for a Sultan!

Taksim Square and Gezi Park, where there has been clashes between the police and the people. I must say it looked much different than how it was on the tv. Tv made it look like there was a massive destruction in Istanbul and that there was too much violence.
However when I arrived on the 20th it was as if none of it had happened. 

This is where the people and the police clashed - but when I was there it was full of tourists and people going on with their every day lives. Police, unarmed, were still walking down the streets.

Turkish Baroque architecture is just beautiful. Lets hope these don't get knocked down and turned into shopping malls. 

Historical Cicek Pasaji (Flower Passage)

Near Galatasaray High School

Italian architect Mongeri's Church just off Istiklal Street creating a rather Venetian vocabulary in the middle of a Istanbul. 

Dutch Consulate - spoke Dutch with the doorsman, he allowed me to take photos and gave me an information brochure. Perks of being an international student. Second home <3

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