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Friday, 28 June 2013

Summer continues full throttle

Alacati is probably one of my favorite vacation spots in Turkey. Only about an hour away from Izmir, it is such a convenient travel destination for me. Known for its wind, sun and nightlife Alacati houses the Turkish elite from mainly Istanbul and Izmir every summer. 

I was there for a few days after coming back from Istanbul. I did the usual relaxing, swimming and windsurfing :) Getting a bit emotional writing this post in the awful Dutch weather. Luckily I am heading to Spain soon! 

Spectacular view from the hotel room

I got this dress from River Island ages ago, back in the day when it was cool to shop there in Amsterdam :) 

Alacati town center

Folkart Towers sales shop - new residence towers in Izmir (not to mention with a great sea view). I would love if my architecture models looked this good!

Windsurf schools

Alacati Port

- Heading back home to Mavisehir -

Great time spent. Good memories made. 

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