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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Identity: Lost & Found

Being back in Izmir, Turkey - I can say I have never felt this homely before. Being an international kid, you sometimes have difficulty exactly pin-pointing where 'home' is. It is the norm for us to have multiple homes; after all we are the sum of memories made, people met and places traveled.

However, Izmir always has a special place in my heart. This is where all my memories started and I frequently come back adding to these memories. Maybe because it is summer and I am actually in love with Izmir I am saying all these things... but it is the truth.

As nostalgia has hit me, below are some photos from the last few years spent in Izmir, Bodrum and Istanbul. I live for summer and cannot wait to sail (or windsurf as it is in my case) to new adventures!

Night view from my apartment (Summer 2012)

 My favorite corner in the house & my favorite lamp ever! (Summer 2012)

 The view of the sea far ahead from my apartment (Summer 2012)

 The roaring waters of Saklikent, Mugla, Turkey (Summer 2008 or 2009)

Stunning sun set at Bodrum, Turkey (Summer 2009)

 One of Europe's biggest shopping malls, Istinye Park, Istanbul (Winter 2008 or 2009)

The view from Wow Bodrum Resort, Gumbet, Bodrum (Summer 2009)

Looks like next up in my adventures is a getaway to Istanbul and hopefully Seferihisar (a coastal town about 45km away from Izmir city, known for beaches and the tv show Kavak Yelleri.) After that we'll see where the wind blows! 


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