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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Manchester United for a day!


The second ASN conference was more about bringing architecture students drom different universities together and debate some of the previously risen issues.

These included unpaid internships, whether the arhcitect is trying to do too much and how the ASN can be the mechanism through which prospective,  current and graduate students can benefit.
In think the conference is growing and starting to fulfill what it is set to do. The more stusents get together, bigger the network. With a bigger network we have a bigger voice. And this voice is bound to be heard.
In September we are holding the ASN at the Kent School of Architecture. This will be a day where students come together. Currently being planned; there would be a design activity, talks from the people in the businesses side of architecture and a final presentation in the new crit space.
It would be valuable to have a design collab but also be informed not only via each other but through the people 'in the know'.
Manchester is an ugly - beautiful city. Yes it happens. The weather is awful, more so than Kent. The industrial atmosphere is quite London-esque but it is a bit more quirky. It is almost a mix of multiple styles under the same skyline. But this mix what makes it unique and intriguing.

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