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Monday, 11 August 2014

The little details

Alaroof Boutique Hotel is an amazing place for relaxing with its beautifully kept garden, swimmingpool and friendly staff with great service. What has been particularly interesting for me is the details of this place. The little details often result in big architectural impacts. Interior design, just as much as the exterior of a place carries a vast importance. More often than not, we spend time indoors, hence the need to create a cozy, lived-in atmosphere. In Alaroof, the garden has been organized such that it gives the feel of an interior while being outside with the lounges, the trees, lamps and tables. Below are some images of the place, special attention paid to the small details. 


Right by the main lobby is this sitting room with varied sized sofas. The place oozes a very Aegean vibe with the neutral color palette where the most dominating colors are brown, sandy tones with accents of pastel purples and blues. The tile work which appears to be a Roman mosaic above the fire place completes the color sceme while giving the place a lived-in feel. The cavings on the either side are very typical of traditional Turkish homes and are often used for decorative purposes. 

Here we see how seemingly different pieces can complement each other to create a whole. 

Moving to the exterior we see how the place has been transformed into an 'in between' place. The flowers, along with the shade create almost an indoor environment. The sofas give the place the essence of summer, and they are just as comfortable - I can say, because I have tested them all!

Nothing is more Aegean than the color combination navy and white. 

The rooms are just as intricately designed. This is a corner enabled by an architectural projection on the outside known as 'cumba' or 'kosk', In English it can best be translated as an 'overhang' that is architecturally supported from below.  This seating arrangement is very tradional to Turkish architecture. It is used for relaxing, people watching, gossiping over coffee or simply for taking a nap - the latter I have become an expert of over the past week. 

The detail of a dresser drawer.

Various door knob details.

Floor tiles. Nostalgic.

The wooden coffee table. 

The red doors and decorated tracery.

Lamps to light up the place. 

The quirky artwork adds a modern touch to the place.

Overall it has been a delight to stay here. Leaving now, will be back in a few days though :)

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