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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Favorite Turkish Clothing Brands 1

Turkey has come a very long way in terms of fashion and textile. Cotton is widely grown in Turkey, making the country one of the top producers of clothing and various textiles. The labor in Turkey is also cheap, can be comparable to China, which means, world wide known fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and many more produce their items in Turkey. You can also find the infamous 'Made in Turkey' stamp in more affordable clothing brands such as H&M, Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear to name a few.

My favorite brand I will talk about here is Twist. It is under the same umbrella of clothing as Ipekyol which also does a more couture line called Machka. Ipekyol produces clothing for ages 30-35+ with the emphasis on clean lines mainly for the modern working women. Twist is the younger line for teens, and young adults (of course also for those 35+s who love to feel young). 

A fun fact is also that the main Ipekyol Textiles Building has won the Aga Khan Prize for architecture in the year 2010. Lucky to note here that the clothes are just as beautifully designed and created as the building. 

Here I want to include some of my favorite looks from the Spring-Summer 2014 line. Conveniently the line is now on sale with reductions up to 70%. One of the reasons why I am looking forward to going to Turkey! Shopping is always a good therapy when done correctly. If you want to purchase any of the items, the online store is now open! All the prices are written in Turkish, however to translate it to euros use the ratio 1:2 and to pound 1:3, you will find the items are actually of very decent price! I can also guarantee you will be getting good quality products worth your investment. 


These looks are definitely what I want to be wearing this summer. The white crop top is superb in an all white combo, it would also look stylish with a high waisted skirt and a loose cardigan for more of a relaxed look. 

The bold  prints of the looks on the left give out the ambience of a hot, fun summer. Do not be afraid to mix clashing prints so long as they have a base color in common. Also remember, less is more but when done right (like above or with the striped jeans below), more can be more! 

Another classic look is of course the black crop top and a high waisted skirt. Look out this season for high waisted skirts with interesting hem details. There is a trend to have embellished, lacey or transparent hems. The latter is my favorite and arguably the most stylish. 

For those that want to look surfer-chick, these combinations are the ones! Both looks are polished but still laid back giving the effortlessly Cali look. I am such a fan of the total look on the left. If I get a chance to buy all of these pieces I'll be the happiest person ever! 

When in doubt, black is always a life-saver. These looks are ideal for those summer nights when you want to feel the heat but don't want to necessarily be wearing bright colors. The frill details on the dress gives it movement. Keep the base black but use vibrant accessories, then you can never go wrong! 

Keep those patterned pants, they are here to stay! 

I will now leave you with a few of my other favorite looks. I hope you have enjoyed this quick post and will dress to impress the remaining of the summer :) 

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