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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Night time glam in the City of Love

Paris for the first weekend of October? Paris is always a good idea, so why not?

A weekend in Paris felt like an eternity because it was packed with so much to do. For my luck it was also Nuit Blanche, a whole night filled with cultural activities ranging from performances, installations, videos and art. I also had no idea the museums were free the first Sunday of every month, which meant a free trip to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa (as much as we could anyway thanks to the people trying to take selfies with it!).

The adventure started pretty late on a Friday. That didn't stop me from walking through the city. Walked, aimlessly, hoping to reach somewhere grand and beautiful. Obviously having a small map also helped! Although the next morning my feet definitely felt the pain, I was ready to do more sight-seeing.


My first approach to the Eiffel Tower was from Trocadero three years ago. This time it was from an off-street from the Champ Elysees Avenue - still equally breathtaking! The walk along the river was picturesque and so glamorous with all the night lights. Oh by the way this 'off-street', by accident, of course, happened to be one of the lush shopping streets in the city featuring designer boutiques such as Celine and Chanel (a post about that later).

At first hesitated, then I also bought some crepes to enjoy while watching the Eiffel tower light up for five minutes at the beginning of each hour. I saw it both at 11pm and at 12am. I would imagine this is something I could watch over and over and ever get bored.

What a structure! I cannot believe it was thought of as something temporary for the 1889 World's Expo in Paris. All this elegant engineering was definitely meant to stay to date.

Approaching the Eiffel Tower by the riverside.

Just before the Eiffel Tower lit up!

All lit up and beautiful!

The first night I was such a tourist - don't ask.

Coming Up - Parisian night through Avenue Montaigne & Window shopping.


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