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Friday, 17 October 2014

Window Shopping

Quick croissant, coffee to go... you find yourself looking at the window displays. Sound familiar?

Well minus the croissant and coffee that was me walking through Avenue Montaigne. For those who don't know this is the 'it' street off of Champ Elysees featuring all the biggest designer, mainly couture names you can think of. We aren't talking designer, we are talking pure luxury.

It would have really helped if I didn't look like a complete tourist with my comfortable jeans, oversized sweater and obviously the number sign of I AM A TOURIST - a Canon.

It was a Friday night so the richest and the lushes of Paris were out in this street, re-acting the Fashion Week which had finished only a few days earlier. Luxurious bags... highest Louboutins... you name it they had it.

I couldn't help but sneak a few photos of the displays. Marketing in branding is very important, and in the case of Luxury brands one may argue it's even more crucial. The displays are not just there, but they represent the aesthetic of the designer, the look, the aura, the 'it' deal. The displays I chose to photograph happen to show a good representation of how this is done. They are just so je ne sais quoi.

One of my all time favorites. A simple display of the iconic Phantom Bag.
Celine just nails the simple elegance, on their looks but also on display.
The perspective the ornamentation gives this display is very eye-catching. Of course, so is the Karl keychain; a hit of the season.
The sport luxe of Chanel this season with new colors of Chanel Boy bag on display.
Who wouldn't want to look like this when going grocery shopping?
I wanted to take more photos of displays, but reaching the Eiffel Tower was the main aim. So until next time, display designers please work hard to impress me once again! ;)
Coming Up - Paris during the day (Montmartre, Louvre, Pompidou)


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