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Saturday, 19 April 2014

What you do on a seemingly Good Friday - the Book of Mormon

I am not going to try to make myself look like the angel by saying I did not laugh and kept my composure the whole time. If anything I was told by my mom to keep it under control when I was laughing, or more like crackling like a witch. Before you ask, no, I did not listen to her.
But, the Book of Mormon, was actually a lot more worthy of tears than laughter. The story line, in the simplest form, was about missionaries who were sent out to destinations to convert people to this new religion laid out by the Book of Mormon.

The focus was on Elder Price and Elder Cunningham; the two mismatched missionary 'compadres' destined to travel to Uganda. Far from the imagined Disney Orlando, Uganda displayed the antithesis of everything the American Dream has to offer.
Faced by the realities of Africa, the duo but mostly Elder Price,  tries to convert the Ugandans. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Hasa diga eebowai.
The actors, the ensemble,  lighting,  sound, costumes, the music, the choreography, and the set were all great. A great spectacle to say the least.
The story line was meaningful, it was a lot deeper than the initial 'hahaha this is funny, ok let's move on to the next song'. This show has got me to question the nature of humankind. Especially the views of people towards each other, rules, religion...
Friendships; based on self-interest, personal gains... how selfish is that? A friendship should be one where the multiple parties show mutual respect and understanding. Most importantly support each other through rough times as much as cherish the good times.
A mission given by a higher power can get corrupted. Sometimes for the benefit of everyone. When you are directed to do 'A', do 'B' instead if that is what feels right. Just have to be careful of the consequences it may bring. Weighting pros and cons is a mechanism of decision making. It is something we always do subconsciously with every decision.
You will always have some that are more enthusiastic about a given task than others. That is how life works all the time. But you know what,  sometimes the less enthusiastic ones get the gold. Surprise. Surprise.
The worst thing you can do is 'switch off' problems without facing them head on. You can't bottle up problems inside you forever. You are born a human and not a bottle for a reason. Woman up, man up and sort it out.
Feel upset? Cry. Angry? Get a punch bag or go to a Greek taverna and break plates. If you have a feeling, let it out. You will feel a lot more in peace.
What do I think about religion? I don't really favor when religion is used to manipulate people. Actually when it comes to religion, I am a selective believer or non-believer. I believe in all, but I disagree with a lot of what is being preached. If I could write my own Gulce bible, it would have elements of everything. That bible is not written but it is what I live by. Bottom line though, leave individuals alone, let them make their own choices. No one should be converted into anything.
Love can be found in the weirdest ways. Don't ask me how, just imagine... the way Book of Mormon dealt with love was just so poetic. Interracial love, poetic. No religion,  culture, background,  ethnicity, skin color should stand in the way of love.
Last but not least, everything is subject to change. Talk to me in a few weeks I may already start to have varying opinions about what I have just written here. This is only normal. Worry if you stay constant all the time.
Life is a journey, we are subject to change. The destination is unknown. Do I believe in after life though? That is yet another point of discussion....
I recommend everyone watch the Book of Mormon @ Prince of Wales Theater.



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