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Friday, 18 April 2014

Throwback post

London called and I came to say hello. Would have been rude not to.
First stop? Pinkberry - standard. The second and perhaps the best? Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
It was like yesterday.... in Canterbury late july/ early august getting my apartment sorted  when all of a sudden the Olympics were the big thing. Had to be a part of this experience. Because who wants to miss out on history in the making? So I did.
Almost two years later now and the buildings are still there with all their glory. The stadium, the copper box.... the velodrome... the orbit, my love to hate aquatic center. All have gone through slight tweaks and maintenance, but they are there.
What has changed though are people. I have changed. Relationships changed, friendships... what I thought was significant back then is so meaningless now. And vice versa.Two years can change a person's perspective on everything and anything so much. It is part of growing up and learning life.
Looking back at 'then' and evaluating 'now' I shall leave you with the photos of London2012 and 2014.






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