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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A year in retrospective

HELLO 2014, dear friend welcome!

GOODBYE 2013, you've been a long, interesting year with all of the happiness, sadness, lessons learnt and lessons you pointed out that I should learn. Now with the new year and new hopes, let's take a moment and have a look back at what happened in 2013.

Welcome to my year in retrospective, let's see what happened in Gulce's life in 2013 shall we?

It all started where I am right now, in Izmir, where I celebrate new years without a fail every year (with the exception of one year where I was in Holland and that was in 2004, so it surely doesn't even count?!)

After spending new years in Izmir, Turkey, it was time to go back to Holland. After a very brief stay in Holland; my beloved home away from home, it was time to go back to home away from home home (which is Canterbury for those who are probably confused.)

Obviously though, before going back to Canterbury I had to make a stop in Brussels...  (and obviously the photo above makes it SO obvious that this is Brussels... or maybe not. But it is a neoclassical building probably from the 18th century inspired by the Greeks a lot of centuries ago. Ok, I will not go into details.)

...and buy a lot of chocolate and macarons, because obviously that's what Belgium has to offer.

All jokes aside, I love Brussels. The atmosphere is real. It's a great excuse to be here for a few days before taking the Eurostar back to the UK. Something happened this time traveling back to Canterbury. To sum it up: when leaving the train girl meets a boy. Girl thinks she might have fallen in love this time.  The boy teaches her a new concept and her life is forever changed.  (sounds like a movie, I know, I thought so too but mine didn't have a happy ending.)

In the midst of finding what is possibly 'love', the girl also finds out a few days later that her grandma has passed away. May she rest in peace. She will forever be in my heart. 

Before I could get my head around things I was submerged into the second term of my 2nd year studying architecture, keeping my promise of working hard and playing hard. Although not going to lie, the latter I was probably more successful at. :)

...Here is a proof that I did also do some work... (hi mom, hi dad! I know you read my blog! I do work. I do. Prooomiiseee!)

The Tate Modern extension was full throttle under way during February when I visited. The tanks were opened to have more exhibition space which is nice.

Fave part of London: what's not to love? Hooowever my fave part is probably the Southbank.

...Went to the ASN conference at the Building Center in London... and then later went to Manchester for another ASN conference part two.


Vienna. Snow. Beautiful. 

The Belvedere Palace 

Late night going out in town. I will never forget the night where I had too much Shiraz.

Fast forwarding March-April-May: basically end of February I always get in the summer mode and spend the coming spring months dreaming of how great life is going to be during summer. For the Easter break I was back in Holland for a month. Had some family and friend time. Mostly though was occupied with architecture work. Also spent this month applying for summer internships. 

Something extraordinary happened in Istanbul end of May. Gezi protests showed that the Turks are wide awake and would do anything to speak up against the government. In Izmir, too, there were protests. 

Had an internship in Istanbul for 3 weeks. Trust me when I say I have learnt a lot in these weeks; not about architecture but about the city and Turkish politics. I also learnt that living in Istanbul is not easy if you don't have a top notch job. 

The historical 'Flower Passage' (and some waiter obvs is posing thinking he is the bomb diggidy)

Just to take this one shot, I climbed hundreds of stairs! 

After my internship it was time to celebrate Eid! You cannot imagine how ECSTATIC I was to go back to Izmir. It is so true, if you love Izmir you cannot love Istanbul. 

Back to my windsurf paradise in Cesme!

HIGHLIGHT OF SUMMER 2013 - Spain! (or should I say Catalunya...?) 

Honestly after the month of August I enter a period of hibernation/ depression. I love summer SO MUCH. That I get post- vacation depression and don't want to accept the fact that vacation is over. I always say, and will say it again. I live for summer.

Oh and by the way, at the end of summer THIS HAPPENED! 

Probably one of the greatest achievements of the year 2013. Weight loss! I am Turkish, we have good kebabs.. so for the longest time I had accepted the fact that I am never going to be a 'small girl'. It took a while to get away from the yo-yo dieting; losing weight and gaining it within a short amount of time. Also there had been a few people who sadly did not want to accept how I looked. I am never the person to change for a handful of insignificant people. BUT HERE YOU HATERS. Size of a person's clothes don't determine their value. 

- swiftly moving on -

Before I knew it, the first term at university was over, meaning I am one more step closer to graduating architecture school (cannot freaking wait by the way). The term has been very adventurous full of plenty of fun and banter. Surprisingly though I am no longer the party animal I used to be. I guess I am growing up. 

Let's see what 2014 has on offer for me from now onwards :) 

GOODBYE 2013, ON TO THE NEXT ONE. freeze. somebody bring me back some money please?

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