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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I don't have a big problem...

... with a new years resolution.

... It's normal, perfectly human to have only ONE.
Just have one resolution for 2014, one that will have a strong meaning to you.
Something that may challenge you, inspire you, make you want to work for it and appreciate every moment of your life.
It is bit of a waste to have a never ending list. Before you know it, after 365 days and a few hours and some seconds, you'll have a look back at the list only to see many things  have not been accomplished. Also you'll realize most of it was written because it is expected to have been written. C'on who doesn't write 'go to the gym', 'lose weight', 'get good grades', 'find love'... But is that what you really want? Is that all that's worthy of being put in this GRAND list?
What is something out of the norm that you want to achieve this year? Solely for yourself. Be narcissistic,  who cares? After all if you don't love yourself,  you can't love anyone else.
Go for it,  make that one resolution.
Mucho love,
Gulce's philosopher alter ago

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