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Sunday, 17 February 2013

The ASN Conference @ Building Center London

Before the ASN Conference for architecture students I walked around Regent Street and wondered around Carnaby Street. Didn't realize this until now, but the Heart magazines headquarters are actually located in Carnaby!! :) 

Liberty welcomes you inside the magical world of Carnaby.

London is so busy! But this Friday there were more shoppers than usual, thank to the start of London Fashion Week.  

I really want to see Viva Forever!, it is a new musical based on the tunes of the Spices Girls. 

I love the architecture at Regent Street - some fine examples of 19th century architecture can be found here.

Piccadilly Circus 

I had never been to the Building Center before. It is quite central near Tottenham Court Road station. Inside there is a spectacular 12 meter long model of entire London. I imagine such a project must have taken very long!

The O2 Arena 

The Shard in the distance 

Southwark Area and the Tate Modern 

The London Eye

There were also other displays of architectural work and models. Below are some of the most interesting.

The empty meeting room in the aftermath 

 I must say, I am very lucky that Kent School of Architecture send me to be a part of such a great conference. Issues raised such as finding employment after the completion of Part 1, different approaches to architecture education and getting to know the key players behind the closed doors of ARB and RIBA was invaluable. 

We also had a practicing architect in the debate, Hari Phillips from the BPA. His talk was about the discrepancy between architectural education and what actually happens in the office. The main point made was that architects; after their 'broad' education should specialize. In the business firms are looking for 'experts' and most of the time this 'expertise' should be accompanied by business skills. After all, as architects, we need to be able to sell our schemes. 

Next up in my London adventures: Visit to the Man Ray exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and possibly a visit to the Barbican Museum. Tuesday night will be the AlunaGeorge concert which I am very looking forward going to! 

Soon after that Vienna awaits! Keeping fingers crossed to find wifi and keep blogging my adventures there :) 

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Mucho love,

Gulce x 

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