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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

To the other side and back

Today was a great day. By great I mean very active and packed. Can't remember the last time I walked this much! I am so tired now but cannot describe how reviving this walk in Izmir city center was. Got off at Alsancak with the ferryboat. Chose to sit outside both journeys to enjoy the fresh sea breeze (but I am sure to get ill from this 'yolo' moment soon).

Those who don't know Izmir has two 'sides', but unlike Istanbul these sides aren't different continents. You can travel between each side via the ferry, taxi, bus, metro, car...  My favorite form of transportation is the ferry :)

And no. Izmir isn't a village. 3rd biggest city in Turkey.

Alright, enough with geography... so here is a glimpse of my day. 

It was a rather cloudy and rainy day.

I decided I want the car in the middle. 

These shoes have been to so many countries... 

Doesn't matter if it's sunny or cloudy you are sure to find seagulls downtown. 

I also want them. All three of them. 

I had just missed the ferry so I spent half an hour walking around watching people hurry as the rain started to fall. What do I do? Nothing. Was too lazy to get my umbrella out. (clearly keen with the camera though)

As much as I love them, these shoes are not for the rain. 

Vakko all decorated for the holiday season.

'Leisurely (Like Traveling) Life' journal - to be purchased.

Inspired by the graphic look of Kenzo and the oriental motifs of many designers this season I purchased  a beautiful sweater from Twist. Twist is one of my favorite Turkish brands. Everything is now 50% on sale if anyone is interested :) 

Saying goodbye on the return to home... only to be back tomorrow bright and early :) Cannot wait! 

Mucho love 
I hope regardless of location you are making the most of your holiday :D 

Gulce x 


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    1. Wish I could live there! looks beautiful... instead I'm stuck in Buenos Aires :(
      Anyway, enjoying your blog sooo mucho!

      Luck, xoxo

      P.S. I'm just starting with my blog and LookBook so I'd really apreciate if you could check it out! of course if you like!


      17 January 2013 20:32

    2. I'm glad you like and follow my blog! I would love to go to Buenos Aires. We can change lives for a while any time 😃 I will check out your blog for sure. I am extremely sorry for the very very late reply.