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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Things I want to do.

I'm sure you have one of these lists... not a boring 'to do' list of tasks imposed on you but your ideal one with all the coolest things possible in it. I have a lot of things I want to do. I sometimes wish every day had more hours, months longer and the year 720days.

As much as I love spending money on material things, lately I've discovered the joy of enriching experiences. Being with good company, traveling, seeing art (performing) listening to sounds and getting to know myself more closely through what I enjoy.

Traveling mainly has become one of my favorites. Getting to know a place. Discovering. Meeting new people in a strange place. Maybe it's the right thing at the wrong time?

This brings me to my discussion of what is ahead of me... winter break to be spent in Holland, Turkey and following that a trip to Austria end of February. I cannot wait.

Being in Istanbul after 2 years should be quite interesting. That city has something I can't quite put my fingers on. Hoping very dearly that with the Turkish Soc we can make this a successfull trip.

Everyone should always have something to look forward to. What's a life without that?

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