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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Summery Throwback Post :)

Goodbye Summer, See you soon ! ☀️☀️☀️

As we are slowly saying goodbye to summer 2015 (as much as I would like to never say this, time moves on) now is a good time for a throwback to some of my highlights from one of the most incredible summers of all times. 

This summer a lot of things were different. I have taken on what I believe was an adventure in Istanbul for two months and of course home town Izmir, no words to describe you. As cheesy as I am sounding now, sometimes you should be open to the challenges and obstacles life throws at you. This summer, I faced challenges that I believe had a positive impact on the person I am becoming. 

I met people who have the aspiration to become TV personas, I have met incredible teachers in the field of acting, television and theater. I met a guy who was in Istanbul for his mom's health issues who was in search for creating a world as one country - no boundaries. I have met a talented group of people who are short film makers. I have walked as much of Istanbul as I can. I sang along the Bosphorus. I ran along the Bosphorus. I fell in love with Istanbul for the first, and last time. 

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