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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

University in Retrospective Part 1

*drum roll please*

The time has come. Graduation is in a month and 6 days (being absurdly precise). This calls for some serious looking back at my time in Kent University. I have had a spectacular 3 years to say the least. My photos are the proof :)

It all started in September 17, 2011... A fresh high school graduate with hopes, dreams, wishes and endless possibilities leaving a place she has been calling home for nearly 6 years. It was time to say goodbye Amsterdam Schiphol, hello London town!  Because as an international student (or third culture kid, call me whichever) adding a new place to call home is the only way one can survive.

I was fine for about a month, until I rang my parents via Skype and completely bawled my eyes out. Adjustment was definitely not the easiest but it got easier as I met some awesome people. The field trip to Paris with Kent School of Architecture so early on was the best ice breaker ever. Group 6, you will forever be in my heart <3

It would be impossible not to mention my corridor mates in the lovely Rutherford E4S. Where we lived in the narrowest corridor, and had the tiniest rooms on entire campus. But like I always say, it is more about the people and less about the place. Rutherford became the best because of them. Lewis, Eden, Bianca, Lucie, Sonia... and I will never forget Ju. ;) #InsideJokeForYears. Here I have also mention Nathalie, who was basically part of our corridor, and I am glad she was!

We were obviously the cool kids striking this pose. Michael and Leo - the ultimate trend setters.  Pour up, drank, point the finger to the camera, drink! 

The highlights of first year were definitely the Incubus concert where I have completely opened my horizons to another genre of music (aka not hip-hop), following this was Watch the Throne were I  had the best night of my life to say the least seeing Jay Z and Kanye. Basically since then I know what it means when they say 'once you go black, you never go back'.

...to be continued.

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