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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hello again my old friend Brussels!

As the summer vacation is officially over (post mid-September I really cannot pretend it is still summer anymore)... Although this is such a painful reality to come in terms with, part of me is looking forward to the last academic year at university.


Summer might be over, but looks like travel, space and architecture is just starting! Oh the irony. Once again back in Brussels; the heart of the European union and equality - or so I have been taught. Just have to mention one thing though, the traffic is just as bad as Istanbul. Also I think I just saw more Turkish people and writings then I actually did in Istanbul or back in Izmir. I guess there are Turks all over the world after all.

This cheeky weekend getaway before going back to England is what I needed after an intense but rewarding month of work in Rotterdam. Staying at an apart hotel has never felt this good. For anyone who would consider coming to Brussels; especially with a large group, I would recommend B-Apart hotel. Trust me, after seeing these photos you will understand why...

At first everything was too white...

...then slowly started to get some color

Loving the idea of books as decoration but also something to read and keep busy with :)

Delfts Blauw's finest china. 

Sculptural forms

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