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Monday, 1 October 2012

...Wake me up when September ends...

September was such an eventful month, filled with so many highlights! I can say with full confidence that it beat my entire summer vacation (okay maybe not really). Being back in Holland, seeing my friends, attending the first ever Amsterdam FNO... Followed shortly by my London Vodafone Fashion Weekend adventure with close friends... Besides the fashion related stuff, decorating my new flat was another highlight of this month. I can't wait to share how my place looks soon on the blog :) But for now, here are the belated LFW photos!

What I was wearing:
Coat - Burberry 
Dress - Topshop
Necklace - Koton
Shoes - Yargici 
Bag - Celine 
I simply cannot keep a straight face in photos. 


Watched the trend catwalk show which consisted of 3 trends.

Thomas from Et Ressurexit, make sure to check him out! 

This was one of the more creative looks that I absolutely loved!

Two words. The. Shoes. Enough said. 

Fellow fashionista styles on display.

 Rise up to the sky, feel the sunshine :)

Everything is much more fun when you're with friends :)

Goodbye Somerset House, until SS13 :)

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