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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pancake Breakfast and Gossip Tea

My day started way too early today. I don't remember the last time I woke up at 9am. Headed down to Bagel Alley for a nice breakfast. Had mini pancakes, orange juice and green tea. All were so yummy in my tummy. Meeting up with our neighbor was fun. I absolutely ADORE her little daughter. Such a cutie pie. 

A glimpse of my breakfast look. Went for something casual and slightly summery though the weather wasn't the warmest. After skipping swimming and resisting to fall asleep, I headed down to Den Haag to meet with my friends Matilda, stylist and Alizee, model. It was amazing catching up with them. Looks like this year we'll be spending more time in London together :) Best of luck to Matilda who is starting acting school and Alizee who is studying film. 

I wanna be a rock star so freaking bad. The look:
Leather jacket - Object Collector's Item
Tshirt - Vila
Skirt - Rinascimento 
Belt - Vakko 
Shoes - Converse

Den Haag's Central Station is having a makeover. From what I've seen, everything is looking good.

Who said you can only have skyscrapers in New York? Below are the newly built skyscrapers near the Centraal Station.

... Of course when it is Holland, you have the new alongside the old.

 I love photographing my friends :) Beautiful ladies. Killer personalities. Killer looks.

 The rest of the day involved a lot of gossiping over tea at La Place. You know us girls, we ought to ;)

Going to the bus stop, I passed through my school today. Took a brief tour. Visited my favorite place, the theater. This is where all the magic happens.


  1. Hey Gulce :DDDD hehehe I love your blog! SUPER cute photos, and totally digging the rockstar look ^_^ I followed you on bloglovin <3 I want to see you soooooon!



    1. Thank you so much my dear! <3 Fresher's week is just around the corner! See you soon!