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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I live for the beach

On Sunday the weather was at its best. My parents and I went to Scheveningen to catch some sun. Although we left the house quite late, we were luckily able to make the most of the sunshine. From where I live in Wassenaar, Scheveningen is about half an hour away with the car.

Scheveningen is the Dutch version of Miami. To be honest, yes I'll be honest, I've never been to Miami but this is how it looks in my head :) Of course I'm sure the weather there is much better than this only one off occasion in Holland.

The highlight of my day, apart from dipping my feet into the ocean, was the grilled salmon lunch, ice cream and buying the September issue of Vogue Nederland - the host of Amsterdam's first FNO. This is sort of the entry 'ticket'. Probably the best entry ticket to any event I've received.

Maybe the day I man up, this is something I'll consider doing ;)

This is my take on the hippie chick! :)

Top with handmade detailing - Kusadasi, Turkey
Shorts - Replay
Scarf worn as a headband - EDC by Esprit (bought this like 6 years ago, finally wore it today)
Bracelets - Handmade from Barney's Goodies and from Claire's
Peace sign necklace - Bodrum, Turkey
Long beaded red necklace - Gift from a friend
Dolphin motive necklace - Unknown
Turkish eye worn as a necklace - Mavi Jeans

As we parked so near it, I couldn't help a photo of our old house in Scheveningen. Summer of 2004 this is where I started to cal home. Clearly nostalgic <3

How cute are these street sculptures? I wish I could take them home.

Sad is definitely how I felt to be saying goodbye to this sunny day and inevitably summer 2012. Hoping for an amazing summer 2013 thought! x

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